The Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia:
Genetic Resource Management and Tree Improvement

FGC is appointed by B.C.'s chief forester to guide the full range of forest genetic resource management activities, including tree improvement (tree breeding and seed orchards), genetic conservation, genecology, climate-based seed transfer, and seed-use policy in the province. The Council provides a forum for stakeholder representatives to set goals and objectives, and to oversee the development and delivery of business plans to fulfill them.

The next Council meetings are scheduled for:

- Wednesday, March 19, 2014
- June, 2014 (date to be determined)
- Wednesday, September 17, 2014)
- December, 2014 (date to be determined)

Members Areas

All areas are password protected except Pest Management TAC

FGC Members Interior TAC
Genetic Conservation TAC Extension TAC
Coastal TAC Pest Management TAC
Seed Transfer TAC Decision Support TAC 

Cone and Seed Pest Management Information

Recent Publications            (view all publications)

FGC Business Plan 2013 / 2014 New!
FGC Annual Report 2012 / 2013 New!
Forest Health: Silvicultural Options for the Endangered
Whitebark Pine (2013)
Michael P. Murray and Jodie Krakowski
Tree Improvement Program Project Report 2011 / 2012
(large file: 11.8 Mb .pdf)
Limber Pine in British Columbia
April 2013. Don Pigott / Randy Moody
Assisted Migration Bulletin. Issue #2
January 2013. FGC / Tree Improvement Branch
FGC Business Plan 2012 / 2013
TICtalk April 2012
Report on 2010 Crop Statistics for Interior Lodgepole Pine Seed Orchards
Final Report OTIP 0722. Prepared for Michael Carlson by Joe Webber
Assessment of Off-Site Tree Plantations in the Northwest Interior of British Columbia - Project Summary (2011) (Large file: 6.9 Mb .pdf)
Forest Genetics Council of BC (Genecology and Seed Transfer Program)
Factsheet 2: Seedlot Genetic Worth Values Verified for Coastal Douglas-fir at Age 12 (2011)
2011 • Jack Woods and Michael Stoehr
FGC Business Plan 2010 / 2011
Cone induction and hormone metabolomics of lodgepole pine and Douglas-fir
May 2006 – March 2010  •  von Aderkas (Pl), Kong, Abrams, Zaharia, Owens
Factsheet 1: Whitebark Pine in British Columbia (2011)
Don Pigott, Yellow Point Propagation Ltd.
FGC Strategic Plan 2009 / 2014
Strategic Plan 2009 / 2014 introductory letter from the provincial Chief Forester
FGC Extension Advisory Committee Continuous Improvement Report and Recommendations for Program Evaluation
Kathie Swift, FORREX, March, 2009 © Forest Genetics Council of BC, 2013



Value, resilience, and conservation are
the three key themes highlighted on
FGC's new conference-display panels.