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Cooperator Participation

The provincial forest genetic resource management program involves cooperators in the forest industry, the provincial government, universities, and the Canadian Forest Service. In addition, there are companies who participate in seed production and in providing contractual services for the various programs.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) is primarily responsible for setting policy for the use of seed on Crown land, for tree breeding, and for associated research. The forest industry participates through the FGC and provides input on policy and business planning. Some forest companies, FLNRO, and Council-owned SelectSeed Ltd. own seed orchards that contribute to seed production to meet provincial objectives for the use of genetically selected seed. Forest companies and public agencies with reforestation obligations purchase genetically selected seed from FLNRO and companies that own seed orchards, including SelectSeed Ltd. The forest industry also cooperates in identifying sites for progeny testing and participation on technical committees that broadly support the full range of forest genetics activities.

The FLNRO, universities and the Canadian Forest Service undertake research supporting forest genetics and tree improvement. Most of this work is directly funded by the FLNRO and some is supported by the Canadian Forest Service. Genome Canada and GenomeBC support genomics development and research.

Council-owned SelectSeed Ltd. Provides program management services to the FGC.


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Cooperators include
the forest industry,
two levels of
private research
companies, and individual