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Mandate and Objectives


The mandate of the Forest Genetics Council is to champion forest genetic resource management in British Columbia, to oversee strategic and operational planning for a cooperative forest gene resource management program, and to advise the Chief Forester on policies related to forest genetic resource management.


Council's objectives relate to the four main areas of forest genetic resource management activities: conservation, controlled use, enhancement of genetic resources** of forest tree species, and related communication and extension activities.

Conservation is the maintenance, protection, restoration, and enhancement of genetic resources and genetic diversity. Controlled use is the management of existing germplasm to reduce risk in plantations by matching sites and genotypes (e.g., orchard licensing, seedlot registration, seed transfer rules). Enhancement refers to the processes of selection and breeding to improve commercial value and increase the contribution of plantation forests to the economy of British Columbia. Communications and extension includes promotion, dissemination of policy and technical information, and establishment of a communications network for specialists, seed users, and the public.

Genetic Conservation

To assure the availability of rare genes for future breeding and for the survival of wild populations through a program of in situ and ex situ gene conservation.

Controlled Use

To reduce risk in future forests by planting well-adapted and genetically diverse planting stock according to seed transfer limits.


To maximize the economic benefits from tree improvement investments for gains in wood quality, quantity, and pest tolerance consistent with strategic land use planning by:

  • doubling the average volume gain of select seed produced from 6% to 12% by 2007

  • increasing select seed use to 75% of total provincial sowing by 2007

  • identifying and funding the long-term production capability required to meet approved Business Plan priorities

  • monitoring progress in all aspects of genetic resource management.

Communications and Extension

  • To foster the support needed to achieve Council’s goals for the provincial forest genetic resource management program

  • To promote the use of "select" reforestation materials

  • To disseminate information about Forest Genetics Council activity, tree improvement policy, and related technical information

  • To provide a central directory of information sources relating to tree improvement

  • To develop communication networks that encourage dialogue about forest gene resource management

  • To encourage and support extension related to forest genetic resource management

  • To encourage and support development of curricula and educational materials related to forest genetic resource management

*this information was compiled from various sources by the FGC executive secretariat

**genetic resource -- The heritable characteristics of a plant or animal of real or potential benefit to people (Dunster, J. and K. 1995. Dictionary of natural resource management. UBC Press, Vancouver). Used in this document to refer collectively to the heritable characteristics of all forest trees that are valuable to people.

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Championing forest
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controlled use,
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