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About The Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia

The Forest Genetics Council (FGC) of British Columbia (BC), Canada, is an advisory body appointed by the Provincial Chief Forester. FGC and its technical advisory committees consist of representatives of the provincial and federal governments, forest companies, woodlots, seed orchards, nurseries, universities and other agencies. See FGC Members.

FGC's mandate is to advise the chief forester and coordinate activities aimed at enhancing the conservation, resilience and value of BC's forests. These activities include genomics research, genecology, tree breeding, seed orchards, cone and seed pest management, and responses to climate change. FGC does not support genetic engineering as genetically modified trees cannot be planted on Crown land in BC.

FGC's vision as stated in its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is:
"BC's forest genetic resources are diverse, resilient, and managed to provide multiple values for the benefit of present and future generations"

Annual business plans are prepared to achieve FGC's vision and the following objectives:

  1.  Genetic conservation
  2.  Resilience and climate-based seed transfer
  3.  Use of select seed for reforestation
  4.  Increase genetic gain for growth
  5.  Use of pest resistance seed for reforestation
  6.  Resources and efficiency
  7.  Monitor and report

See FGC Annual Reports for accomplishments and progress towards these objectives' outcomes and performance measures.


FGC Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) provide technical and policy information to Council and contribute to the development of annual plans and associated budgets to achieve FGC goals and objectives.

Council's TACs lay the groundwork for the annual FGC Business Plan:

  • The Genetic Conservation TAC (GCTAC) leads planning, oversees activities, and advises Council on issues related to genetic conservation and genetic diversity, and associated budgets.
  • The Coastal and Interior TACs oversee priorities and activities related to seed needs, seed orchard capacity, seed orchard investment, and tree breeding, for each of the 51 seed planning units (SPUs) in the provincial forest genetic resource management program.

Each TAC identifies priorities and evaluates and ranks proposals for funding through the Business Plan. Council reviews all strategies, plans, or recommendations from the TACs or other agencies for approval (or revision) before incorporating them into the FGC Business Plan.

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