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FGC Extension Notes

Extension Note 1
Incorporating Genetic Gain in Timber Supply Analysis, March 2001
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 760 Kb)

This extension note explains how the volume gains attributed to using select seed are modelled in stand yield projections and accounted for in TSR timber supply analyses. This note should interest timber supply analysts and people making decisions about seed orchard investments. 

Extension Note 2
Biotechnology: Potential Applications in Tree Improvement, March 2001
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 1.1 Mb)

This extension note describes types of biotechnology that are being used or have potential applications in tree breeding and production of planting stock. It notes some of the concerns about the use of genetic engineering in tree improvement, and how B.C. is responding to these issues.

Extension Note 3

Benefits of Using Selected Reforestation Materials, January 2005
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 660 Kb)

This extension note discusses how select reforestation materials are developed and used in British Columbia, what types of benefits are associated with their use, and how these benefits might be enhanced in the future.

Extension Note 4
The Reproductive Biology of Western White Pine, April 2004
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 5.8 Mb)

This publication explains the complete reproductive cycle, provides useful guidelines for cone induction, assists in forecasting pollen, cone and seed production, enables more effective pollination and pollen management for breeding and seed production, and explains many of the causes for cone and seed loss in natural stands and seed orchards.

Extension Note 5
Environmental Effects on Yellow-cedar Pollen Quality, April 2004
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 328 Kb)

Deficiencies in high quality yellow-cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, (D. Don) Spach) pollen at pollination time may be one of the principal factors responsible for the failure of low elevation seed orchards to produce sufficient quantities of viable seed. Given the important consequence for location and management of yellow-cedar breeding and seed orchards, pollen development and its quality under various climate environments was examined. In a pollen quality study in 2001 and 2002, significant differences in pollen viability were observed between populations characterized by distinct climate conditions.

There was a clear trend in the acceleration of pollen development and in the corresponding reduction of pollen quality as the elevation of the testing sites decreased and the mean monthly temperature increased. Furthermore, significant population, year, and population by year effects for pollen viability were observed. Results from this and other related investigations suggest that the production of poor quality pollen at low elevation is the result of several temperature related events. Since the final quality of pollen at pollination time appears to be regulated by temperature, the selection of the most favorablesite for high quality pollen production hints at an optimum climate. Two possible candidate sites for the production of high quality pollen are characterized in this report.

Extension Note 6
Applications of DNA Markers in BC Tree Improvement Programs, April 2004
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 436 Kb)

DNA markers are tools for detecting variations in DNA that differentiate all living organisms, and thus play an increasing role in defining biological identity. The Forest Genetic Council (FGC) has long recognized a need for DNA marker-based identification in Tree Improvement programs and has supported a range of projects focused on BC species. This article will summarize some recent developments in this area and give examples that illustrate their use.

Extension Note 7
The Reproductive Biology of Lodgepole Pine, March 2006
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 7.3 Mb)

The goal of this book is to provide information about the reproductive biology of lodgepole pine in natural stands and in seed orchards. This information should make it possible to determine RP and RS, some of the causes for cone and seed loss, and provide methods to increase cone survival and filled seeds.

Extension Note 8
The Reproductive Biology of Western Larch, February 2008
(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 7.8 Mb)

Western larch (Larix occidentalis Nutt) is an important species with a natural range restricted to four western states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana) and the interior of British Columbia. In its native range, it is a fast-growing tree that produces wood of exceptional quality and strength. This comprehensive and detailed publication is designed to assist foresters, seed orchard managers, and tree breeders interested in producing or enhancing larch seed crops.

Extension Note 9
Increasing Quality Seed Production in Western Redcedar Orchards:
A systhesis of a multi-year foliar-applied gibberellin A3 study
, June 2007

(Adobe Acrobat PDF, 664 Kb))

This report summarizes four separate foliar-applied GA3 cone induction trials done over a span of four years. The objective of the first trial was to investigate the effects of timing, concentration and frequency of GA3 induction treatments on male and female stobili production in mature seed orchards. The objective of the second trial was to examine the effects of induction timing treatments in young seed orchards. The third trial involved retesting the second trial at a different location and in a different year. Finally, the objective of the fourth trial was to determine the time period during late summer when stobili induction treatments become ineffective.



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