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Information for and from the tree improvement community of British Columbia

This periodic publication provides information from the tree improvement community (the TIC in TICtalk) to a range of interested audiences. Contents include information about the FGC; issues faced by the industry; the latest in technical innovations, equipment, and management techniques; and general information on tree improvement.

TICtalk–April 2012

TICtalk Feb 2015 (Issue #12) (Acrobat PDF, 14.7 Mb)

Articles in this issue include: Report on the Quality Assurance (QA) Results with pelleted seed; Low germination seedlots overinflate the seed supply inventory on SPAR Water Activity; Assisted Range and Population Expansion of Western Larch for use as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in BC; The Problem of Being a Tree in the Forest; Inbreeding Depression in Douglas-fir & Seed Orchard Genetic Gains; Thermocouple, iButtons & Lepto-cams: understanding the low Pli seedset problem; and others.

TICtalk–April 2012

TICtalk April 2012 (Issue #11) (Acrobat PDF, 2.4 Mb)

Articles in this issue include: The BC Forest Service Celebrates Its 100th Birthday; A New Conifer Species Affects Taxonomic Classification in the Cupressaceae; New Stratification Procedure for Yellow Cypress; Provenance Trials Help Refine Forest Growth Models; Rooting of Cuttings from 10-year Old Coastal Douglas-fir; and others.

TICtalk–September 2010

TICtalk September 2010 (Issue #10) (Acrobat PDF, 1.3 Mb)

Articles in this issue include: Lodgepole Pine Cone Size and Scale Number are Shaped by Location; How Can Seed Tests Help Valuate Seeds; Interim Red Alder Seed Production Notes; Conserving Native Tree and Shrub Species In Situ: Testing the Predictions; Online Decision Tool to Assist with Deploying Weevilresistant Sitka Spruce on Vancouver Island; and others.

TICtalk–December 2008

TICtalk December 2008 (Issue #9) (Acrobat PDF, 1.2 Mb)

Articles in this issue include: A Challenge Dialogue Respecting Forest Tree Genetic Resource Conservation and Management in British Columbia; Assisted Migration Adaptation Trial; Cataloguing British Columbia Forest Genetic Resources; Climate Change and Seed Transfer Policy Amendments; 2008 Sowing Request Quality Assurance Results; and others.

TICtalk–December 2007

TICtalk December 2007 (Issue #8) (Acrobat PDF, 1.7 Mb)

Articles in this issue include: MFR's Tree Seed Centre (TSC) celebrates 50 years of excellence in cone and seed services in 2008; Understanding and thwarting the insect armies – and now air forces! – that attack BC’s seed orchards; Differentiating between male, female and vegetative meristematic tissues; and, Screening for Comandra blister rust resistance in lodgepole pine (for trees that survive MPB!).

TICtalk–Winter 2006

TICtalk Winter 2006 (Acrobat PDF, 1.2 Mb)

Topics in this edition of TICtalk include: Mountain Pine Beetle Impacts on Lodgepole Pine Seed Supplies, 2007 Sowing Guidelines, Seed Planning and Registry System (SPAR). Download the document for the full slate.

TICtalk–Spring 2005

TICtalk Spring 2005 (Acrobat PDF, 524 Kb)

This issue of TICtalk is the first in electronic format. Topics include: Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use, Investigations of Douglas-fir Resistance to Phellinus weirii, Technical Advisory Committee for Coastal Hardwood Species to name a few.

TICtalk–Winter 2003

 TICtalk Winter 2003 (Acrobat PDF v4, 670 Kb)

2003 was rich with results from Council member efforts from the previous five years. Most notable has been the “takeoff” of the Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics, established in 2000 at the University of British Columbia.

This issue of TICtalk contains an overview of the Centre and five articles on studies underway in 2002/03. Another remarkable achievement is the completion of SelectSeed’s first phase in expanding British Columbia’s seed production capacity. Twelve new orchards have been established, and two more will be planted in spring 2003.

Dr. John Barker, recipient of the second FGC Achievement Award, submits this issue’s personal experience article—Reflections on 50 Years of Tree Improvement in Coastal British Columbia.

TICtalk–Spring 2001

 TICtalk Spring 2001 (Acrobat PDF v4, 1.2 Mb)

This issue of TICtalk contains five articles that discuss potential applications/aspects of biotechnology in tree breeding and the production of reforestation materials. Three clear messages emerge:

  • British Columbia Crown land reforestation programs do not use genetically modified organisms. Seed orchard trees are bred from selected wild-stand trees that express naturally superior growth and resistance characteristics.
  • British Columbia is approaching the use of biotechnology cautiously. Current research focuses on improving understanding of where biotechnology can augment traditional tree improvement activities, and the implications of these applications.
  • Significant technical, ethical, and regulatory challenges must be overcome before genetically engineered trees could be used for operational reforestation.

Other features in this issue:

  • overview of Council's first Annual Report
  • profiles of the NSERC/Industrial Research Chair and newly established Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics at the University of British Columbia
  • introduction to the new Alberta Forest Genetics Resource Council
  • tree improvement, biotechnology terms
  • where to find superior provenance lodgepole pine

TICtalk–Spring 2000

 TICtalk Spring 2000 (Acrobat PDF v4, 672 Kb)

In this issue of TICtalk:

  • GenSeed Ltd. became a reality after four years of deliberation.
  • Forest Renewal BC worked closely with Council in developing its 10-year Tree Improvement Program.
  • Council's business planning process matured with the development of species plans for each of the province's seed planning units.
  • Council created two new technical advisory committees for gene conservation and extension.
  • Council established the Forest Genetics Council Achievement Award.
  • Ministry of Forests and Range made significant strides in quantifying and incorporating genetic gain in its reporting systems, and ingrowth and yield nd timber supply analysis models.
  • Vandals caused serious damage at various research facilities and seed orchards.

TICtalk–Spring 1999

 TICtalk Spring 1999 (Acrobat PDF v4, 296 Kb)

This issue of TICtalk includes information about the FGC; issues faced by the industry; the latest in technical innovations, equipment, and management techniques; and general information on tree improvement. We also include feature articles on forest gene resource management from British Columbia's active research community, and information on upcoming courses, seminars, and conferences.

TICtalk–Spring 1996

 TICtalk Spring 1996 (Acrobat PDF v4, 60 Kb)

The contents include information about the business of the Councils; issues faced by the industry; the latest in technical innovations, equipment, and management techniques; as well as general information on tree improvement.

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