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Cone and Seed Pest Management Information

Pest Management Leaflets

Leaflet No. 1:
Redcedar Cone Midge (Mayetiola thujae)

Leaflet No. 2:
Douglas-Fir Cone Gall Midge (Contarinia oregonensis)

Leaflet No. 3:
Fir Coneworm (Dioryctria abietivorella)

Leaflet No. 4:
Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis)

Leaflet No. 5:
Spruce Cone Maggot (Strobilomyia neanthracina)

Leaflet No. 6:
Spruce Seedworm (Cydia strobilella)

Leaflet No. 7:
Douglas-Fir Seed Chalcid (Megastigmus spermotrophus) Spruce Seed Chalcid (Megastigmus atedius) and others

Leaflet No. 8:
Douglas-Fir Cone Moth (Barbara colfaxiana)

Leaflet No. 9:
Larch Cone Adelgid (Adelges lariciatus)

Leaflet No. 10:
Green Spruce Aphid (Elatobium abietinum)

Leaflet No. 11:
White Pine Cone Beetle (Conophthorus ponderosae)

Leaflet No. 12:
Spruce Cone Axis Midge (Kaltenbachiola rachiphaga)

Leaflet No. 13:
Sequoia Pitch Moth (Synanthedon sequoiae) and
Douglas-Fir Pitch Moth (S. novaroensis)

Leaflet No. 14:
Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid (Adelges Cooleyi) and Other Adelgid Species in B.C.

Other Pest Management Information

Impact of Surround, Pounce, and Matador on lodgepole pine filled seed production in southern interior BC seed orchards: 2017 trial
J. Woods and W. Strong. November 15, 2017

Controlling Leptoglossus in Lodgepole Pine orchards:
2014 and 2015 trials

J. Woods and W. Strong. April, 2016


Douglas-fir cone and seed insect pest identification system

BC Forest Service cone and seed insect information

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