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Technical Publications and Reports

Climate-Based Seed Transfer:
Guiding British Columbia's reforestation investments in a changing climate

Jack Woods and Colin Mahony. 2016

Impact of Matador® and Delegate® on lodgepole pine filled seed production in southern interior BC seed orchards: 2015 trial
Jack Woods and Ward Strong. February 29, 2016

Evaluation of methods to estimate parental contributions for the calculation of genetic worth and effective population size for lodgepole pine seed orchards
Jack Woods. April 20, 2015

Impact of Matador® on lodgepole pine filled seed production in southern interior BC
seed orchards: 2014 trial

Jack Woods, Ward Strong, Michael Carlson. April 16, 2015

Forest Health: Silvicultural Options for the Endangered Whitebark Pine (2013)
Michael P. Murray and Jodie Krakowski

Whitebark Pine Bulletin (Issue 01, July 2008)
Contact: Lee Charleson and Elizabeth Campbell

Limber Pine in British Columbia
April 2013. Don Pigott / Randy Moody

Assisted Migration Bulletin. Issue #2. January 2013
Forest Genetics Council of BC /
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Tree Improvement Branch

Report on 2010 Crop Statistics for Interior Lodgepole Pine Seed Orchards
Final Report OTIP 0722. Prepared for Michael Carlson by Joe Webber

Assessment of Off-Site Tree Plantations in the Northwest Interior of British Columbia -
Project Summary
(2011) (Large file: 6.9 Mb .pdf)
Forest Genetics Council of BC (Genecology and Seed Transfer Program)

Plant Growth Regulators and Cone Induction in Pinaceae (2007)

Summary of Seed and Seed Orchard Need Analysis for Seed Planning Units Impacted by Mountain Pine Beetle (2006

Breeding Values of Parental Trees, Genetic Worth of Seed Orchard Seedlots and Yields of Improved Stocks in B.C.

Cone and Seed Updates B.C.
Ministry of Forests and Range, Tree Improvement Branch

Southeastern U.S. Tree Improvement Tour
J. Woods - 2000


Cone induction and hormone metabolomics of lodgepole pine and Douglas-fir
May 2006 – March 2010
Patrick von Aderkas (Pl), Lisheng Kong, Suzanne Abrams, Irina Zaharia, Stacey Owens

Adaptation, migration or extirpation: climate change outcomes for tree populations
Sally N. Aitken, Sam Yeaman, Jason A. Holliday, Tongli Wang, and Sierra Curtis-McLane Evolutionary Applications 1(1):95-111

Genetics of cold hardiness in whitebark pine
Bower, A.D. and S.N. Aitken. 2006. Can. J. For. Res. 36: 1842-1850.

Genetic Diversity and Geographic Differentiation in Quantitative Traits, and Seed Transfer Guidelines for Pinus albicaulis (Pinaceae)
Bower, A.D. and S.N. Aitken. 2008. Am. J. Bot. 95: 66-76.

Cataloguing in situ protection of genetic resources for major commercial forest trees in British Columbia
A. Hamanna, S. N. Aitken, A. D. Yanchuk

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