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FGC Policy and Review Papers

Chief Forester Guidance on Seed Supply and Use in Areas Affected by the 2017 Wildfires
Diane Nicholls, ADM Chief Forester, 10-Aug-2018

Guiding Principles Respecting Public and Private Seed Orchard Management in BC
Jim Snetsinger, Chief Forester, July 2010

FGC Strategic Planning Stakeholder Survey (2014)

FGC Extension Advisory Committee Continuous Improvement Report and Recommendations for Program Evaluation
Kathie Swift, FORREX, March, 2009

Genecology and Seed Transfer Committee Report
September 12, 2008

Report of the Breeding Subprogram Review Committee
May 27, 2008

Indigenous-Tree Genetic Conservation in British Columbia
September 17, 2007

Coastal Broadleaf Status Report (2008)
Interior Broadleaf Status Report (2008)

Final Report of the Pli Seed Set Task Force
February 2002

External Evaluation of Somatic Embryogenesis for Enhancing Genetic Gains from British Columbia's Tree Breeding Programs
D.T. Lester and W.J. Libby, October 1998

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