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The Forest Genetics Council is pleased to provide a range of tree-improvement-related documents.
Many of the documents listed have been saved in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). This makes them available to most computer platforms without need for special fonts, graphic resources, or drivers. Current versions of Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator come ready to read PDF files. If your browser does not support PDF you may wish to upgrade your browser or install Acrobat Reader free of charge.

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Hints for downloading PDF files

1 - FGC Strategic Plans

2 - FGC Annual Reports

3 - FGC Business Plans

4 - Species Plans (Seed planning information for species and seed zones)

5 - Tree Improvement Program Project Reports

6 - FGC Extension Notes

7 - TICtalk

8 - Articles and videos in the popular press

9 - Cone and Seed Pest Management Information

10 - Technical Publications and Reports

11 - FGC Policy and Review Papers

12 - FGC Factsheets

13 - Feature Articles from FGC Annual Reports

14 - Information Brochures and Posters



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